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  • An Inspiring Evening with Vanessa Altin and Nazir Afzal

    Last week saw Author of The Pomegranate Tree Vanessa Altin and Former Chief Prosecutor Nazir Afzal, who has been responsible for some of the biggest convictions in the UK, discussing Syrian refugees & youth radicalisation in the UK. 

    The brilliant and inspiring discussion was hosted by The Sun's Book columnist Natasha Harding at Waterstones Piccadilly and was attended by members of the public and many YA bloggers.

    Highlights of the evening included Nazir explaining how the future of our country in light of the war against terrorism is down to one simple thing,

    "We must listen to our children - we must communicate with them more. If we don’t listen to them - they will find someone else who will and this he believes is the main reason why organisations like ISIS are so successful in recruiting our youth - because they make them feel like they are listening." He said.

    For more information on this event or to find out more about The Pomegranate Tree please click here